The Constants

Things don’t always go according to plan. If you’re foolish enough to think you have any control over life and the turbulent world around you then you might be infected with ignorance, or an acute case of hope. But what makes this life manageable are the things that never go away, the joyous slices of everyday that are yours, and only yours, the constants.

 The ever reliable, small doses of world shielding bits of crack that get us through, and to the next day. I saw a future that I wanted. There was a future that made sense in a whimsical Hollywood kind of way, and blinded by hope I made the dive head first into the puddle I thought was the ocean. Crawling out broken and bleeding, I think you would agree, its time for a beer. My constant. My inspiration. My captain, my captain. My constant. In good times and bad, I can take a minute to myself and get lost in the nuances of a simple beverage made of water, grains, hops, and yeast. Of passion, love, time, and inspiration. Self pity running rampant and a particularly nasty case of self loathing aside, I reach for something local. Like really local. Like five minutes down the street, might as well be my backyard, local. A Ninkasi Brewing Beer Run distracts from today’s solitude, and I thank them for it. Like Dogfish Head, Ninkasi has what seems to be a proprietary taste profile when it comes to their hoppy offerings. Beer Run is a big bitter beast of a beer that boasts the rights to brag. At 80 IBU’s it is right in their wheelhouse and 7.3% ABV is nothing to shake your liver at. 7.75/10 on the UrD. 

On the way back from a day running monotonous and time consuming errands, the plan was to head home and eat dinner, maybe do a little laundry. A wrong turn seems more like providence and I happen upon a brewery tucked away like a sniper ready to take his kill shot. Oakshire Brewing stands in plain sight of the world, making great beer, and doesn’t beg for attention. Any somewhat sloping outlook on life is almost always made better by a trip to a brewery, so with little to no hesitation I find myself parked and ordering The Perfect Storm Double IPA at the bar. With mountainous aromas of pine and bananas the rest of the world melts away and I’m lost in the glow of the snifter. Every bit of this sipper is a distraction of joy as the band plays and the crowd drinks, all is right in the world while I am deep in the hop coma. Oakshire delivers a lovely smile and this one is an 8.5/10 on the UrD scale. 

No matter the obstacle, I always try to stick to the plan, but the plan is an illusion. The only way around life’s uncertainties is to grab the infrequent opportunities for happy little hoppy moments and hold them close. One day the scales will shift back again and the good times will outnumber the bad, and maybe the gray that is the outline of the world will be silver again, but in the now, and in the further down the road, I’ll have a beer with you, and everything will be alright. Now is that ignorance, or hope? I can’t even tell anymore…


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