Why Lagunitas in Hawaii sums up the scene…

Hawaii always seems like the last one to the party. Bands rarely come here that are worth seeing and the radio airplay is pretty mainstream oriented. Hell, I still see a fair share of mullets and porn staches out here. The beer scene is another example of the island playing catch up with the rest of the world and the arrival of Lagunitas Brewing Company epitomizes what we have to go through. 

Let’s forget the fact that they only sent us two of their beers being their flagship IPA and the phenomenal Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. When I told my family in California that Lagunitas was finally coming they looked at me in puzzlement. “You don’t have Lagunitas out there?!” they would quip. Their disbelief is understandable when you take into account that you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least the IPA on tap when going out in California. 

I understand that distribution is a tough hurdle for the mass of craft breweries out there on the land of main, but find a way! Stone finally made their way across the pond but had to form a whole new distribution company with Maui Brewing to do so. Now thanks to the efforts of their collaboration there are an amazing variety of beers that are now available… on Maui that is. Yeah, not all of Hawaii yet. Always the last to the party. 

Hawaii seems like an after thought for craft breweries. They take care of their bread and butter states before branching out to the obscure. It’s the price we pay for living in paradise I guess but it I’m tired of it. We make do with the beer that we are lucky enough to get, and thank you Lagunitas for finally coming out. We have our gems that the main land can’t get as well such as anything from Big Island Brewhaus or the new kid on the block, Lanikai Brewing so we are not without quality brewing, but Hawaii just recently passed the law that allows bars, restaurants, and gastropubs to fill growlers which is years behind the majority of the country. Last one to the party…again. 

It’s all things we have to deal with if you want to live in the middle of the ocean on an island. If you want amazing beer faster than they can get it out here, you might have to just brew it yourself. And I support that with all my heart. I am almost through with the rant this has become, but first let me illustrate some perspective. I, myself, have imported more Dogfish Head beer into Hawaii than Dogfish Head has. Chew on that…


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