The Bottle Share

Since the craft beer revolution, celebrations a plenty have sprung up everywhere for those that prefer craft to crap. Festivals in your city lined with tent after tent of bubbly boozy brews. All for the coming together and sharing of beer. There is a bit of hilarity about that I think. Awesomeness laced with the hilarious notion that it is acceptable. But if the large crowd of craft beer geeks swaying about the day is a little much for your liking then maybe something more intimate, like perhaps what we like to call a “Bottle Share” (aka a tasting).
Now, you don’t bring a Boston Lager or a Pete’s Wicked to a tasting. I have been present at some epic bottle shares in my time and let me tell you, looking back at some of the amazing brews that have passed through these lips during our gatherings I am still amazed and impassioned by the innovation of the industry. These were beers that I will remember and long for, being the inspiration for the search, and talk about until the kegs run dry. Beers like…
Jolly Pumpkin’s Madrugada Obscura was a palate expander that blew the masses away with its complex sour notes in a stout body. That is the first and only sour beer I have ever loved. 8/10 on the UrD scale. That same tasting is also when I had my first Enjoy By from Stone along with my inaugural Lukcy Basartd. I’ve raved about the Enjoy By series before but the LB was a mean SOB. One of the best Stone brews they make and one of the most awesome surprises. 8.5/10 UrD. Firestone/Walker was a frequent palate pleaser at the table along with the amazing variety from Dogfish Head like the Chicory Stout and the perfectly exquisite 120 Minute IPA. 
This is the best way to try new beers. You get to see the faces of your friends as they sniff, sip, and smile their way through their portion of the spotlighted brew (side note: bring enough for everyone to have a sample, preferably about 4 oz. per person) and talk about how it instils those specific feelings that only a good beer can (Ha! “beer can”). The great news is that the craft beer industry is not made up of the flat footed bunch, happy with the status quo. The drink-turned-art-form (beer) is constantly being manipulated into something different and beautiful which is great for conversation when you’ve had a few(teen).
So grab a few of your friends that prefer craft to crap, because these are the intimate that bring the unattainable beers to the lips of good friends, the creation of good times and the lasting memories. As long as the craft beer industry keeps pumping out hop bombs and boozy barleywine bombers then there will be a forum for us rabid beer geeks to guzzle down the lot of them. Your crew whether it be many or few, will always be willing to share a brew, and I gotta admit, if it is me or you, we could all use one or two. Cheers…


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