Home Brewing: Where The Dream Begins

The dream has been to brew beer that I would want to drink. The kind of beer that I would search out intensely for and share with others (maybe). In the beginning, there is home brewing. Its the artistic time period, the adventurous, even nerve racking time, that is okay for you to try something outside of the box, and inevitably fail. But where one sees failure, another sees an opportunity to improve and create something brilliant. Sounds corny, does it not? I’ll admit that, but dreams without some level of artistic persistence and kookiness are just boring errands that you will get to one day.

So I ignited the dream with my first home brew. A pale ale that I dubbed “Pale Paradise” under the brewery name… you guessed it, The Upright Drunk Craft Brewing (on Untappd). It was delicious. The best pale ale you had ever had. The most vibrant color you’ve ever seen. Aromas that excite and even arouse. In actuality it was just okay, and because I am my own worst critic, just okay will not do. The excitement though. The persistently excitable feeling of what is yet to come. I have created a beer that is actually enjoyable and I will continue to do so until it is on the lips of all that search it out. 

Every craft brewery that you covet started in a garage, or basement, living room or kitchen. Dogfish Head, Stone, Ballast Point, every last one started with this infectious hobby turned lifestyle. They all had failures as well, brews that seemed like good ideas at the time but turned out to be not so much. Without these speed bumps in their creative process they would not have pushed on and come up with some of their flagship brews like DFH’s 90 Minute IPA or Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA (which is their tribute beer to their home brewing roots) and in turn wouldn’t be so deeply ingrained in our hearts and livers. 

The most vital component of this dream is passion. I have been told that I get a certain look and demeanor when I get going on a conversation about this stuff, and I feel it. When you talk to any craft brewer you get the same twinkle in their eyes whether they brew five gallons or 5,000 gallons. I get to be an artist, I get to bring enjoyment to others as well, I get to twinkle, and when its all said and brewed, I get to drink it. That’s about the best dream I can think of, how about you? Cheers to your dreams, and may you find them in your waking hours…


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