Spread the Word

There are not many simple pleasures in life other than the unwind of a long day or night with a cold beverage. For many of us that beverage of choice is always a cold beer. At times the thought consumes. Before you can actually enjoy your brew you have to get through that part of your life that keeps you from it, whether it be work or long drive, the goal is always the same. Get to place that has my beer. Simple, gratifying, peaceful,  and of course exasperating relief. 

The glory of this craft beer industry is that I truly believe there is a beer for every one. Like the mighty Mormon, one of my goals is to convert as many as I can to the cause, and by providing the proper information I can do my part to wake the masses from their dimwitted slumber-like dedication to mainstream yellow fizz drink. I’ve heard the argument. “I’m not a beer drinker” they say. I insist that a person with this outlook has no comprehension of what beer is, and I say that with the absolute knowledge that I, the singular me, am the snobbiest of brew enthusiast. 

So you arrive at home after a long day of “It doesn’t matter what kind of day you had!!!” and your thoughts immediately turn to the beer you have prepped in your fridge. The day melts away and if you have the company, you excitedly offer the day’s sacrifice. How often does one turn that down? Barely ever if at all. Craft beer is meant to be shared and experienced. It’s your favorite band, your most cherished food destination, most coveted fishing hole? Whatever the comparison, there is conversation about it and emotions stirred. 

So what have you done lately to spread the word of craft beer? Sometimes all it takes is a sip and you have another faithful devotee to our religion. I’m like fricken Santa Clause handing out sips as if it was a sack full of gifts. My journey has led me to amazing experiences so being the good natured soul that I am I feel obligated to share a little joy, whether it be a Cafe Racer 15, Grapefruit Sculpin, or a Victory at Sea, it all should be shared and experienced. So spread the word, share a little taste of your life, and for hops sake, get home safely for your brew. 


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