The Wrecked Palate Part II: Green Flash Brewing Company

Fresh. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the greatness that is Green Flash Brewing Company out of San Diego, California. Clean, delicious, happy, hoppy and a “What did you expect out of another San Diego brewery?” also come to the forefront of my thoughts as I enjoy one of their many IPA variations. One more word that encompasses my palate is of course, bitter.

A company that releases a brew named Palate Wrecker has some serious living up to do. And for hops sake do they ever. While their offerings are not immeasurable tongue twisters like Knee Deep Brewing claims, they still boast a unique flavor profile that is distinctly their own and a bitterness that rivals the best of them. If you are a fan of the west coast IPA, I do not believe any other brewery does it better, and I will stand by that, not matter how much you make me drink it.

I could not possibly review all the mantastic brews that I have experienced from GF, so I will narrow it down to some of my favorites, and here we go…

Starting with the West Coast IPA, which is actually an imperial IPA by the way, is something of a benchmark for the style in my opinion. The use of five different hop varieties are masterfully done bringing out a balance of flavors that defines the west coast IPA palate profile. The tropical/citrusy flavors from the Simcoe and Citra hops are snuggled up with the piney Centennial and Columbus hops in a bed aromatic Cascade hops. Its a beautiful layering of flavors that feels complete with IBU’s at 95 and an ABV of 8.1%. Confident at 8/10 on the UrD scale.

Then you have the simply named, straight forward, expectations shattering Imperial IPA. IBU’s break the limit at 101 and the ABV is a burning 9.0% which is grounds for liver punishment. I would almost call this effervescent hop syrup as it does feel a bit heavier than most IIPA’s in the world, and that is a very good thing. There is substance to this brew, a level of care and quality that comes with every sip. They should put that on the bottle. An 8/10 on the UrD. The Road Warrior is their rye IPA offering which is also 9.0% ABV but the IBU’s are subdued to a minuscule 80. The rye however makes this puny 80 IBU’s brew into a bitter sensation worthy of a wrecked palate review. In case you couldn’t pick up the sarcasm, 80 IBU’s is anything but a small amount. 8/10 UrD as well.

Now, you can’t talk about the wrecking of a palate without mentioning the Palate Wrecker. I think thats a rule actually. When you put six pounds of hops per barrel in your beer and brew it essentially three times, you are going to get this high gravity, high IBU, aggressively bitter beer that you will never forget. These mad brewers did a second duplicate mash using a 65 IBU wort from a previous boil instead of water among other insane tactics to achieve this scale breaking brew. Like their palate wrenching buddies at Knee Deep, this one breaks the IBU scale with a 100+ rating. At 9.5% ABV it will not allow you to walk straight to your next beer and with the bitter units so high it may turn you cross-eyed. I tasted this one well into the next day after a brushing of the teeth and a hearty meal. My brain still tastes it and it has been quite some time since my last sip. It will disinfect your palate after the wrecking of course and it comes in at an 8.75/10 on the UrD scale.

Green Flash has the spirit of the home brewer about them. They are the underground band that is loyal to their fans and always delivers the hits all the while keeping it fresh. Its exciting to pick up a Green Flash brew, new or old, so why wouldn’t you? I couldn’t tell you why not, because I do, and you should too, destroy that palate…


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