The Exception: My Antonia

There are of course exceptions to every rule, and here is where that principle comes in to play. I usually have a firm dislike for all things pilsner. Miller being the first to taint my palate, I was immediately put off by the yellow, fizzy bitterness that almost seemed spoiled. I was at that point, done with pilsners for what I thought would be forever, until…

Along came “My Antonia”. The continually hopped imperial pilsner collaboration from Dogfish Head out of Delaware and Birra del Borgo out of Italy has put me in my beer snobbing place.

I am convinced that DFH’s proprietary continuous hop technique will solve any crappy beer dilemma. Do it to a batch of Bud and let me know how that turns out (‘cause I still won’t put it in my mouth). The nose starts you out with a subtle fruit note that awakens the palate, followed by a first sip that is both refreshing and dry. The head is a fluffy cotton-like topper that somehow reminds you that this beer came from Italy, and its definitely the Lambo of pilsners.

At 7.5% ABV it is no slouch in the liver punishment department and the inherent smoothness of the mouthfeel can deceive you into thinking this is an all day affair. The lace on the glass is, no other way to put it, sexy. After each sip it drapes itself down the side of the glass and back into its bed. Its over almost too soon but like all good things, at the end of it you are left with a smile. On the UrD scale this gem falls at an 8/10. If you can find it, whether it was bottled by DFH or BDB, pick me up a couple. Do it.


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