The Upright Drunk: One man’s search for the perfect beer…

What is your preference? Stouts? Hefeweizens? IPA’s? Lagers? Smoked Lagers come to that? Barrel aged anything?
With so many new beer styles emerging it truly seems that there is something for everybody. But for the individual and his beer, you are not just anybody. The beer in your cup helps identify who you really are.
That is where my search comes in to play. Who am I as defined by my passion for the craft, and is there one beer that defines me overall? I’m sure that there is, and if I have had it already or have yet to discover it, I am going to find it.

The search; it helps to have comrades to support the needs of such a quest. Those who respect and understand the process of actually enjoying your beer and who are willing to spare cargo space amidst their travels to help make unreachable beer now reachable. My Epic crew have introduced a euphoric variety of craft brews to my world and in the process became family. A family of nothing but drunk uncles and aunties. Yeah, that’s good times with good people.

The truth; I admit, my palate was at one time narrow minded and dull. Coors Light, Natural Ice and the occasional 40 oz. to freedom. We call those the dark ages. Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale was the first craft beer I had ever tasted, and I drank it like it was Coors Light. (Note to the inaugural craft drinker: You DO NOT drink craft beer like crap beer.) This ruined craft beer for me for years to come and I was not eager to get back into the game until I had New Belgium’s Fat Tire. The turning pint in my life that would kickstart the search for the ultimate smile. So as the days inevitably tick on, I will do my part in perpetuating the joys of craft beer by offering my honest opinions and experiences in the hopes that it will help you find your perfect beer, and just maybe, change your life.
The Upright Drunk scale of craft (or the UrD scale) as defined by my journey (not yours)

10- Lasting in memory and lust. Will search out and pay what seems to be a ridiculous amount of money for a beer. Almost if not perfect.

9- Amazing and possibly special enough to be a special occasion brew.

8- Solid and if I could, would probably stock the fridge and cellar for everyday consumption when the zombie apocalypse hits

7- The standard for everyday drinking. This is a go-to when nothing else seems to do. This is also around where the Oregon scale starts… maybe San Diego too.

6- Average and everyday that will do in a pinch. Usually the better macro breweries will end up in this range like Sam Adams.

5- Here are your average “craft macros”. They are the only thing acceptable these days for drinking games/sports/olympics.

4- This is when big breweries put on a craft hat and say they are someone else. Think Third Shift, Miller Fortune, even Blue Moon.

3- Now we are at imported green bottles like Stella Artois and St. Paulie Girl as well as all pilsners and most lagers. 40 oz. also are lumped into this realm.

2- Miller, Coors. Period. Next.

1- There are only two beers down here. Budweiser and Heineken. If this is all there is to drink, i don’t drink that night.


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